Floor van de Pavert About me

My name is Floor van de Pavert and I am a Dutch high-tech entrepreneur. I have a passion for start-ups, hard science and engineering, and when the three come together I am in my element.

My background lies in experimental physics and I combine this with experience in business development, sales and marketing for high-tech products. I can help you with the challenging process of creating a profitable business based on the results of science and engineering.

For start-ups I have worked on:

  • setting up effective sales processes: from researching new prospects to closing the deal
  • being a sparring partner for start-up CEO’s, on topics like setting priorities, market positioning, team building and improving operational processes
  • making marketing materials and trade show presences more effective
  • organising appealing events for potential customers and effective trade show presences
  • doing hands-on market research for new technological innovations
  • finding funding opportunities: I have several angel investors in my network and I know the Dutch and European government innovation funding system from inside out

In my work I combine an enthusiastic and convincing personality with a no-nonsense rational mentality.

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Professional experience

Currently, I am consulting on several start-ups and exploring options for my next high-tech venture

Until the spring of 2013, I was CEO of Single Quantum BV and in this role responsible for general and strategic management, as well as for sales and marketing. Single Quantum is a spin-off of fundamental quantum photonics research at the Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands. The company develops and commercializes superconducting nanowire single photon detectors for the scientific market and for industrial applications. In 2011, I founded this high-tech start-up together with two scientists.

Between 2008 and 2012, I worked as a programme officer at FOM, the Dutch funding agency for physics research. At FOM, I was responsible for policy development in the fields of nano-scale physics, international research affairs and tech transfer, including start-up companies and IP management. Before that, I worked two years as a strategy consultant at Andersson Elffers Felix. I studied Experimental Physics at Utrecht University, the Netherlands.

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If you have a high-tech start-up, or if you are an engineer or scientist with a good idea for a spin-off of your research, chances are that you are dealing with questions like

  • how to ensure a smooth tech-transfer process
  • how to deal with sales and marketing
  • what is a good strategy for your company's intellectual property.

If you are working as a manager or board member of a research institute, you might be dealing with questions like

  • how to stimulate and support entrepreneurship and awareness of the tech transfer process for our researchers
  • what is the legal framework for providing support and facilities for employees and/or spin-offs (like state aid regulations)
  • what is the best intellectual property strategy for my organisation

For engineers, entrepreneurs and research organisations, I have worked as a valuable partner when dealing with questions like these. I have seven years of experience in entrepreneurship, policy development, policy assessment, business development, sales and marketing.

Contact me if you are looking for advice or a partner in any of these areas.

Floor van de Pavert Consultancy
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Project portfolio

Current and recent projects include

  • Business development for a new type of nanostructured transparent conducting material, for AMOLF
  • Market research for a new microscope for directional imaging of nanostructures, for AMOLF
  • Workshop on tools for start-ups for the FOm/f Symposium for female physicists, for FOM
  • Sales, marketing and business development as a project manager for Ubiqu
  • Marketing and positioning advice for C-Cube International
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I love to give presentations and workshops on entrepreneurship and tech transfer. If you would like me to speak at your event, please contact me.

These are the invited talks I have given:

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New high-tech venture

I am currently exploring options for starting a new high-tech company. For this I am looking for a promising technology that can be transferred to the market. I am interested in a scalable business model for a high-tech hardware product with an exit opportunity in 5-10 years. I aim to work in a team with one or two co-founders, at least one of whom has technical expertise.

If you have a good idea or have developed a promising technology and are willing to invest time in a new company I would love to connect with you.

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I am always interested in entrepreneurs and other people who are working on promoting entrepreneurship.

Floor van de Pavert
Phone: 06 42443230
Email: floor[ at ]floorvandepavert.nl
Company name: L.A. Advies
Chamber of commerce (KvK in Dutch): 56382863
Twitter: @FloorvandeP
LinkedIn: Floor van de Pavert
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